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Future Fashion Designer Desired

Fashion Technology Merge

How can a fashion designer get involved with the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, that is currently in its early stages?

Fashion and tech are not so distant. The jacquard loom arguably being the first programmable technology dating to 1801, using punch cards to create patterns. We have created synthetic polymer fibers, moisture wicking and quick drying microfibers, flame resistant and antimicrobial fabrics, heating technology, and conductive fibers. Most recently, an emergence of microcomputers embedded on fabric, sensors and LED’s incorporated into garments, 3D printed accessories and textiles, solar powered accessories, and wearables. And now we are delving into more complex forms of solving problems that cater to individualism. For an industry infamous for its quick reaction to trends, education of tech and the merging of tech into fashion has faltered behind in bridging the gap.

Innovative fashion technology is the new toolset and needs to be addressed, not just as conversation, but as a vital integration in part of the design process, leveraging science fields and technologists to the fashionista table. There is potential in shaping the foundation of this revolution with the convergence of interactivity between the wearer and the garment. Finding new ways to sense data points as garments become the platform that express the inner physiology of those who wear it. Most importantly to note in this connection, is how the data can produce a correctable action into feedback loops, aiding in improving the quality of life of a specific audience.

We start to look at the possibilities by examining these fields:

+ Material Science : E-Textiles, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology

+ Data Science : Connected Customization, Digital Strategy

+ Manufacturing Technology : Sustainability, 3D Printing

[ Blog post on each topic coming up! ]


+ Etextile Lounge

[ In the meantime, technology has given fuel to a new expression of avant garde ]





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