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Production Pattern Cutter Card

I wanted to create a simple + clean pattern card to keep my garments organized using industry standards. Here is what I came up with :

PATTERN CARD : itemized list of all the pattern pieces for a particular style.

CREATED : by pattern maker from designer's sketch, prior to making patterns.

USAGE : Hangs in front of the pattern pieces in order to organize and keep track of pieces.

[ Rabbit hole punch circle to hang on pattern hooks. ]

STYLE NUMBER = Depends on company systemization; can include abbreviations product category number, season, collection number.

STYLE NAME = easy name to reference product + for commercial purposes.

SELF = Main fabric

RSU + RED = Right Side Up [Use with asymmetrical piece or when right side of fabric is unclear. ]

YIELD = yardage / meter estimate for individual pieces / or total

SKETCHES = front and back flats of garment + call outs if needed

PIECES : Should contain each individual pattern used in the construction of the garment.

Here is the industry color system :

+ BLACK : Self Pattern Pieces

+ GREEN : Contrast Fabric Pieces

+ BLUE : Lining Pattern Pieces

+ RED : Interface Pattern Pieces

NOTES = trims, zippers, buttons, embroidery, seam allowances, descriptions, remarks, directions.

SWATCHES = cut fabric swatches with fabric content description. Call out the self fabric.

[ Click below for a free pdf template. ]





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