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From Vector to Stitches

how to convert a vector to stitches

Working with an embroidery machine can be tricky. The software is not intuitive and the machine is very sensitive. Here is a guide using Adobe Illustrator vector files and converting them to embroidery stitch files, using Tajima Autograph and a Tajima Embroidery Machine.

[1] Start with your vector image in Adobe Illustrator.

Saving vector as BMP file screenshot

[2] Export vector as a BMP file.

[3] Open Tajima Autograph

+ Click on the wizard wand icon

+ Click on Select Image

[4] Follow the dialog window adjusting settings by preference, clicking Next.

A) Image Transformation - width, height, unit

B) Match Colors - thread count

C) Automatic Segments - how the image will be handled

D) Judgment - color change, trim, lock stitch

[5] Click Finish

[6] You can adjust the height and width manually or by inputting it on the Edit Tab.

[7] Go the the Output Tab

Save as DST file - to open on Tajima Embroidery Machine

Save as PXF file - to be able to open and edit on Tajima Autograph Software

[8] Take to the embroidery machine!

[ Now you can create logos, button holes, & monograms! ]





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